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Posted: 23 Jan 2020 16:18
by Scorpy
The first animated episode is out! Results and plans
Greetings, dear subscribers and viewers! I suppose you’ve already seen our 12th episode “The Bridge of Death”? 
Thank you for your warm reception! It was especially pleasing to read some comments, including those with critique. A new animator will help us with the next episode. We consider all options to make the animation more beautiful. Sorry about choppiness this time.
Right now, we work on the script of the next episode. Meanwhile, we’d like to share with you some drawings from our previous episode. Full-size versions without logos later will be available for our subscribers.
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Re: Ideas for the future

Posted: 09 May 2020 03:47
by Cossacks250
Liked the artwork on this one, and the final result on the Youtube video, Scorpy. A very well done one. Looking forward to the 'One Simple Trick' too. 

I have a few ideas for future works with our little fairy friends from an island beyond the second star.

1. Time Travel — as people have a proclivity to automatically stick this to anything science related — be it sci-fi or not — maybe you could do one that explains the different ideas of this concept within the contemporary scientific fields. 

2. A few shorts on some elements of the Periodic Table — or maybe even a little short story on Mendeleev and how he identified about many of the elements there, whilst theorising about others. 

3. This is something I remember you talking about before, I think somewhere on FF or one of the things you sent to me through Google Drive. It was to do with the fairies being confronted by an Arabic fairy who was quite a zealot in her faith. If you are still planning to do this one, or one similar, I am able to lend a lot more as I have studied religion in depth alongside related matters. 

Hope these interest you. 

Re: News

Posted: 09 May 2020 08:24
by Scorpy
Hi Cossacks! Welcome to our little enchanted island! Thanks for encouraging words and for the ideas! 

Time travel is a great topic and a perfect opportunity to talk about—or better show in action—the theory of relativity. I think it’s going to be one of the topics for our last episode. 

Two chemical elements are going to be the stars of the show in the episode after the next one. As you already know, “One Simple Trick” is the beginning of a relatively big story. As for grandpa Mendeleev, he should wait for a better opportunity. 

You bet, our betrayed Arabic guest whos only guilt was to speak openly about equal rights and freedom from fictitious, but very oppressive religion is on the list as well. 

Meanwhile, I’m planning to finish the current episode by the end of this month. After many experiments, our team managed found a balance between speed and quality. Stay tuned!

Re: News

Posted: 09 May 2020 17:37
by GarretZAV
Hi, Cossacks! I'm glad what you like graphics in our video! And thank you for scripts editing! Your idea about the “Time Travel” is interesting, but I think within Universe it's not possible. Maybe, between two Universes, in one of them, the lapse of time is slower.

Re: News

Posted: 12 May 2020 07:07
by Cossacks250
Hello Scorpy, and nice to meet you, Garret.

Yes, I very much love what you guys are doing with the graphics in the videos and I'm glad to be helping out with the scripts. 

And as for the idea, of course. It's just something I thought would be worth talking about given the intense love for it by sci-fi and scientists. 

If there's anything else that you need me to edit or work on besides the scripts, I would be happy to lend a hand. Let me know.  

Re: News

Posted: 12 May 2020 07:25
by Scorpy
Appreciate your help! 
Well, right now, the most important task is to finish the drawings and animate the current episode. If everything goes more or less according to plan, I’ll write the next script this month. We have already scribbled the whole story about Tink, Zarina and Rita, a spoiled girl, a millionaire’s daughter who was expelled from a university and decided to take revenge. She will appear shortly.
Looking forward to showing you the next episode!

Re: News

Posted: 01 Jul 2020 11:13
by Scorpy
The 13th episode is ready! Watch it on 7th of July 2020. 
Our Patreon subscribers may watch it now.

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Posted: 13 Jul 2020 17:56
by Scorpy
Wonders of Reality 13.1 is out:

After our latest stream, we decided to make a new one. That’ll be a quiz show about fairies and popular science. Feel free to join.